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⎢Pink⎢ - Cloud Slipper

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Our Cloud Slippers are the most comfortable slide on's like walking on a cloud 

Mellowfeet's Cloud Slippers are made from high-quality EVA material that cushions and conforms to your foot. The high elasticity of the material offers both comfort and durability.

No seriously, your feet will thank you

Our Cloud Slippers feature a thick, non-slip sole that allows them to be worn both indoors and outdoors. Our high-quality EVA is breathable and incredibly easy to clean.


Shapes to your feet

The Cloud Slipper is made from highly elastic EVA which allows the slipper to conform and hug every inch of your feet.

Relieves foot pain

The Cloud Slipper features a 4.5 cm thick sole that instantly alleviates painful, achy feet. The human-first design cushions the feet which subsequently relieves pressure from the ankles, lower back, and hips.



The Cloud Slipper is lightweight, non-slip, and water resistant, making them the perfect shoe to wear around the house, in the bathroom/shower, outside, and anywhere else life takes you.